Every business has a story. And that story can convey a lot about the company’s brand. That’s why it’s important to have a team of experienced video marketers help you find the most effective way to tell your story.

Brands and companies that get noticed are those that tap into viewer’s emotions. Fleet Walker Video will help you find the emotional hook and produce a creative video that grabs the attention of your audience and moves them to action.

The Producer

Every marketing project has a person in charge of developing the strategy, the creative concept, and seeing the project through to the final delivery. In the video world, that person is the producer.

A critical responsibility of the producer is to offer creative approaches that might not otherwise occur to the client. It is common that an executive will ask to speak on-camera while sitting at their desk. Only after being shown by the producer that by using green screen technology Fleet Walker Video can have the executive standing in front of the company’s 8-foot tall 3D logo does the executive start seeing a broader branding experience for their business. With a little guidance, the client considers new, innovative ideas that capture the imagination of viewers and enhances the company’s brand.

The Process

Once the creative treatment is agreed upon, the full video production process will begin and the producer will guide the client through every phase.


The producer meets with the client to develop a full understanding of their communication goals and key messages, to identify their target audience and budget parameters and to discuss creative ideas. Once the creative concept is agreed upon, any necessary scripting or storyboarding will be completed. A production plan will be developed to ensure that everyone understands the process and the timelines for deliverables. Whether the concept is to have a CEO at their desk or to have a talking camel walking through the company’s cubicles, proper planning is the key to ensuring that the end product – the video – enhances the brand and delivers results.


During production, all the assets that will be needed to complete the video are gathered. This might include photos, animations, interviews, b-roll and/or historic footage, narration, music and visual & sound effects.

If there is videotaping to be done, this could take place in a studio, in the company’s offices, at a remote work sites or another designated location. All the details of the shoot will be covered in the production plan.


This is the phase where all the preparation comes together and much of the magic happens. The editor, working closely with the producer, assembles all the footage, photos, music and other assets, infuses it with her own creative touches and ensures that the client’s vision is realized.

The client receives iterative versions of the video for review that will allow them to continue to provide input as the project evolves during the editing process. And, in the end, the client receives a video production that will enhance the company’s brand, excite their audience and move the viewer to action.